Washer Repair

When your washer isn’t working it can cause a major inconvenience to your schedule and your life! You need immediate washer repair. Los Angeles with its thousands of residents knows that Appliance Electrical Services Inc is the most reliable source for washer repair. Your washer keeps your family’s clothes and linens clean and you rely on it. If you can’t wash your clothes effectively and without worry of damage you have a real problem. Quality, fast repair is very important to getting you back on schedule. There are a variety of problems that you can encounter with your washer, any of which can be a real hassle. Her are just a few of the most common issues we see when repairing washing machines:

  • Your Kenmore is making strange noises
  • Your LG’s digital display is not working
  • You have blown fuses
  • Your Maytag is causing discoloration in your laundry
  • Your Whirlpool is not finishing cycles
  • Your washer isn’t working at all!

When your washer stops working you may be tempted to start looking for a new machine. This is unnecessary and a waste of your valuable time. Your washer can be repaired quickly, saving you the time of shopping for a new unit and having to have it installed, not to mention having your old unit removed. Save yourself the worry and money and call Appliance Electrical Services Inc today (800) 520-7044 for your dryer repair. Los Angeles trusts our trained technicians to get the job done quickly and efficiently. We will send someone to your home at your convenience ams as soon as possible. Every technician is trained to arrive with all of the equipment and parts needed to repair your machine the same day! Appliance Electrical Services Inc serves many areas including:

  • Pasadena
  • LaCanada/Flintridge
  • Hollywood
  • North Hollywood
  • West Hollywood

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