Refrigerator Repair

We all depend on our refrigerators to store and keep our food fresh! If your refrigerator begins to malfunction you have a crisis on your hands and you will need immediate refrigerator repair! Los Angeles has thousands of residents and they choose Appliance Electrical Services Inc for their repair needs. Having a refrigerator that doesn’t work is not something you can wait very long to repair. The more time it takes to address and fix the problem the more likely you are to have spoiled food and wasted money.

Taking the time to select, purchase and have a new refrigerator installed is time wasted. Repairing your refrigerator is a more time effective decision. Because we know how important your time is, we will make you an appointment to have your appliance repaired the same day! All of our technicians are trained in the repair of any brand refrigerator. Appliance Electrical Services Inc is number one in refrigerator repair. Los Angeles residents know that one of our technicians will be prepared and have everything necessary to fix any problem when arriving at your home. Here are just some of the most common refrigerator problems we see and are ready to repair!

  • Your Whirlpool Refrigerator isn’t keeping the correct temperature
  • Your Kenmore Refrigerator is making strange noises
  • Your LG Refrigerator has an odd odor
  • You notice your food isn’t staying fresh
  • Your Amana Refrigerator isn’t working at all!

When your refrigerator stops working you are at the mercy of your repair services company. Appliance Electrical Services Inc values your business and will make your experience as stress free and efficient as possible. We will take care of you quickly so that you can get back to your everyday life without worry. We service many areas including:

  • Pasadena
  • LaCanada/Flintridge
  • Hollywood
  • North Hollywood
  • West Hollywood

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