Refrigerator and Freezer repair tips

Refrigerator and freezer repair tips

Refrigerators and Freezers Repair

Refrigerator Repair Tips,
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Searching for Tips on Preserving your Refrigerator?
To avoid the cost and frustration of repairing or replacing a broken fridge, following are helpful tips that you can start today.

The coils to your refrigerator are located at the back, coils cool the fridge, when the coils get dirty, and they have to work harder to bring the refrigerator’s temperature down. Stressing the coil while they are dirty stresses the fridge and uses more energy, and eventually they will burn out…

To Clean the coils is very easy, all you need to do is vacuum the vents and dust off the coils. By regular cleaning your refrigerator’s coils, you can extend the life of your fridge.

In newer refrigerator models, the freezer automomatically defrosts. While automatic defrost is a helpful feature, the drainage pipe from the defrost will slog at times, causing backups and other problems.
Pull out the drip pan from the rear of the fridge you can access the tube that carries the water and food particles into the drip pan. This enables you to clean out the drip pan, as well as the tube with a pipe cleaner

Keeping your refrigerator clean is not only good housekeeping… it allows cool air to circulate freely. When your refrigerator is full of food, the refrigerator has to work extra hard to cool food.

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Want to know about freezer repair & Maintenance? …
With the proper care your freezer will last for quite a while, the better you care your appliance receives, the more efficiently it will operate, it’s a unit that gets a good deal of use and it’s on all the time
Freezer Maintenance Tips:
• Do not place a freezer near a heat source; it will counteract the efficiency of the refrigerator and freezer,
• Don’t position the freezer near an oven or major appliance that generates a generates amount of heat.
• Make sure the freezer door shuts securely. It the seal is not tight, air will escape and the freezer will not work properly. Helpful hint: To check if the door has a tight seal, shut the door on a piece of paper, if the paper can be pulled put very easily, the seal is not tight enough and air will escape eventually spoiling your food
• Do not keep the freezer door open for any length of time, food will not be kept frozen and is wasting not only cold air, but energy that could cost you lots of money.
• Keep the temperature of the freezer at the appropriate level. It it’s to low, food will not freeze, if it’s too high, freezer burn will occur to the food and will also waste energy.
• Keep the inside of the freezer clean. If there is any spillage, clean it up promptly, before it has a chance to freeze and leave a mess.

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