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AES Repair offers LG appliance repair services for its customers in Southern California. We work in Los Angeles, Pasadena, Glendale, Burbank, Encino, North Hollywood, Santa Monica, Altadena, La Canada and surrounding cities. We are happy to render top quality and fast LG washer repair with guarantees. Our technicians are very experienced and friendly. Call us (800) 520-7044 for all your problems with your LG washing machine.

AES Repair provides you services on all LG washer types:
– front load LG washer repair service;
– top load LG washer repair,
– LG steam washers repair;
– LG washer/dryer combo repair

Appliances Electrical Services, Inc. is offering:

SAME DAY SERVICE – No extra charge,
25% discount for our first time clients,
FREE service call, if we do repair.
We are fully licensed, insured and factory trained.

You can find a lot of useful information on this website. We have updated data on product recalls, maintenance, and cleaning for your LG appliances. Today we have some recommendations on LG washer use for you. Washing clothes is not an easy job. You need to be careful and read labels before washing your clothes to establish which method of cleaning is most suitable for the item. Soak heavily soiled clothes before washing. Treat stains as soon as they occur, and then launder.

Sort clothes into matching loads, based on care label instructions. If you need to wash mixed fabrics together to make up a full load, set your LG washer to the lowest recommended temperature. Do not be tempted to use more detergent than instructed – it will not get clothes any cleaner.

Washing colors and checking for color run. Place an old, white handkerchief with colored garments to pick up any color run. When it stays white, all the excess dye has run out, and the colored items can be washed with white ones.

Clean LG washing machine from time to time. Clean your washing machine by running it empty on a hot cycle with 1 cup (250 ml) white vinegar in the detergent compartment, or added during the cycle. This cleans detergent deposits that may have built up.

Detergent quantities. Using too little detergent results in clothes remaining dirty. If you use too much, it will not rinse out of clothes completely.

Washing times. Whites may yellow if washed for too long at too high a temperature, and natural fibers may shrink.


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