KitchenAid Washer and Dryer Repair

KitchenAid Washer and Dryer Repair

Most of us know that KitchenAid is a premier manufacturer of a wide variety of household major appliances. This encompasses products which are used throughout the day. Given the amount of use, they eventually can break down and require some repair. So let’s focus on one type of appliance and discuss KitchenAid washer and dryer repair.

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Your washer and dryer probably receive some of the most abuse of any other major appliance. For the washer, water is pumped in and out of the drum; it has an agitator which must move throughout the wash cycle; and the drum must spin at high speeds in order to evacuate the water. There are many moving parts which are subject to wear and which may eventually require repair.

The dryer also experiences a great deal of use and wear. The drum rotates and heater elements come into play to move hot air during the process to properly dry your clothes.

Given the number of moving parts involved as well as the need for high voltage or gas fired heating elements, any repairs involved should be done by qualified personnel. A factory trained technician understands how to quickly diagnose the problem with the washer or dryer. He/she also has received extensive training in properly repairing the product once the problem has been diagnosed.

So make certain that any repairs are done by personnel who are properly trained in Kitchen aid appliance diagnosis and repair. This will provide the best possible results.

It is also vitally important that any repair parts meet the same stringent requirements which KitchenAid applies to those parts originally used. Factory authorized parts are often the same exact parts used when the appliance was manufactured. Or they may be enhanced or improved products which have been qualified by KitchenAid engineers and quality personnel.

Using repair parts which are produced or qualified by the manufacturer helps to assure that they will perform as intended. If you decide to save some money and use a cheaper aftermarket repair part, you risk premature failure following the repair. In some cases the repair part is produced to a high quality level. However it is difficult to always assure this situation.

So why risk it? The original factory repair parts may sometimes cost a little more but they can provide you with the best assurance that once the repair has been made, it will provide you with optimum results for the longest period of time. If KitchenAid stands behind the part, you can be sure it is designed for optimum results.