Fisher and Paykel Dishwashers Customers Complaints

Poor Dry Performance:

Is the customer complaining of plastic items not drying?
Advice customer that due to plastics having a low thermal mass these items give inherently bad drying performance.

Is the customer using Fast or Eco cycles?
Advice customer that due to lower final rinse temperatures dry performance is comprised when using Fast and Eco cycles (there is less residual heat for drying at the end of cycle)

Is the customer using rinse aid?
Advise customer that the use of rinse aid will improve dry performance.

Is the rinse aid setting high enough for the water hardness in the are?
Turn the rinse aid up to a higher setting.

Poor Fisher and Paykel Dishwasher Wash Performance:

Customers complaint Food Particles left on Dishes.

Cause of Problem: Spray arm has stopped rotating.

Haw to resolve the problem:
1. One of the dishes/cultery/utensils has fallen through the basket and jammed the spray arm, remove the obstruction.
2. Filter plate, drain filter, or drain filter access panel is not installed correctly and is causing the spray arm to jam.

Cause of problem: The produce is being over loaded or incorrectly loaded with dishes.

Haw to resolve the problem:
Advice customer of correct loading.

Cause of problem: Customer is selectingthe wrong wash cycle for the soil level on the dishes.

Haw to resolve the problem:
Advice customer about redused water temperatures (up to 20 degrrees C/ or 70 degrees F) and wash times when using Fast or Eco cycles.

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