Dryer Repair

You don’t want to have to wait when you need quality dryer repair. Los Angeles has thousands of residents and they all know that Appliance Electrical Services Inc is fast and effective! Don’t wait one more minute to call us at (800) 520-7044. Each of our technicians is specially trained to repair any problem and any brand of dryer. No problem is too big or small. When your dryer stops working your left with wet clothes that you may need! Having your dryer repaired quickly is very important to get you back on schedule. Convenience is a huge factor when scheduling an appointment to have your dryer repaired. We will work around your schedule and get to your home as soon as possible. Our technicians will arrive with all of the equipment and parts needed to fix your dryer the same day! Here are some of the problems we encounter most often when repairing dryers.

  • Your LG Dryer shuts off mid cycle
  • Your Kenmore Dryer is making strange noises
  • Your Whirlpool Dryer has digital display problems
  • Your Maytag Dryer has stopped working all together!
  • Your Dryer in overheating
  • Your Dryer is under heating
  • Your Dryer is taking longer than usual to dry clothes

Having a dryer that doesn’t work can be frustrating, but don’t waste time purchasing a new unit. Repairing your already purchased dryer will save you time and money. Taking the time out of your busy schedule to select a new dryer and making an appointment to have it installed is unnecessary. Appliance Electrical Services Inc is leading the way in dryer repair. Los Angeles counts on our professional technicians to get the job done fast and effectively! Appliance Electrical Services Inc serves many Los Angeles area cities such as:

  • Pasadena
  • LaCanada/Flintridge
  • Hollywood
  • North Hollywood
  • West Hollywood

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